Consistency is king. Consistency is Queen. Consistency is lineage; it is Royalty in a world of absent minded peasantry. To be consistent is to be disciplined. It is a symbol of reliability. The soldiers and servants to the throne are consistent. The concrete in the walls of the castle are consistent — they do not crumble and fall away merely because they stand and support as intended.

Consistency is to be understood. This is necessary for the existence of people, it creates the foundations of trust upon which our lives are built. …

A short piece of writing on the elusive ally, accountability.

We all must answer for our actions. In some form or another. We can avoid it for periods of time, and let our haphazard behaviours dictate our trajectory into a state of confusion- however, it curiously seems that more often than not one finds themselves seeking accountability to steer back towards the desired path.

It is interesting, the different forms accountability can take. Usually, for the majority of our childhood it lives through our parents; via their commandments and reminders of discipline as we learn our ways under their wings…

The following article outlines a task I was asked to tackle some time back as an assessment for a job I was applying for. The following post is my personal approach to selecting a Distressed Bond for investment. To go directly to this result and the financial reasoning of it skip to 4 Results and Summary.

But first, you may wonder — why invested in the debt of a Company that is currently “distressed”? And what qualifies “distress”?

According to Investopedia: Distressed securities are financial instruments issued by a company that is near to — or currently going through —…

Before kicking off this article I’d like to acknowledge that this information comes from the excellent teaching of UCL professors Riaz Ahmed and Camilo Garcia Trillos. My goal with this article is to communicate how a mathematical model can be translated into working Python code.

Arbitrage-Free Markets

Within the modeling of financial markets exists a condition known as “No-Arbitrage”. The mathematical definition of an arbitrage opportunity is as follows:

Arbitrage Definition: A market allows for an arbitrage opportunity if there exists a self-financing strategy, θ, such that:

Let’s examine what each condition here implies. 1) states that the value/ cost, S, of…

Graph Theory

A graph is a mathematical structure consisting of numerous nodes, or vertices, that contain information regarding different objects. Each vertex may or may not have an effect, or weighting, upon another vertex within the graph. The extent to which a node impacts another is described as the weight of the edge. With the edge being a line drawn between the two vertices that illustrates a relationship the two nodes have with one another. Graphs are used to model some spatial systems e.g. sensor arrays, crossing of bridges and airport flight times between airports — to name a few illustrative examples…

Suraj Tirupati

Student of Quantitative Finance, Computer Science, and Applied Probability.

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